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As a theatre-maker, ritual artist and cultural organizer, I cultivate spaces of artistic freedom and sacred connection.


This is my life’s calling. Working across all forms of borders to create performance, ritual and sacred gathering with and for community, working at sites such as: skateparks, refugee camps, high schools, prisons, community gardens, theatres, public parks, among others. In everything I do, my creative impulse is to expand our hearts and spirits. To nurture experiences of freedom on a cellular level, in the very fabric of our being, to release limitations and cultivate connection with our natural belonging to the world around and within us. 


As a Lebanese-American who grew up across three continents, I am dedicated to collective liberation & decolonial creative practice. Each piece I create threads together artistic and sacred spaces of home coming.


Every process and project is unique - but my work is continually grounded in radical intuition, collectively devising original work, decolonizing public spaces, nurturing equity and access to art and ritual, connection with the sacred and working collaboratively in community settings.

This work is radical and liberatory. In creating new and/or reimagining ancient forms of performance, ritual and community gathering, we create new structures and paradigms to live and express ourselves within. We can heal and imagine beyond oppressive systems of capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy - to decolonize and express the freedoms of our hearts, bodies and minds. We can imagine new futures.

At the core of my work is healing, and I am on a mission to create a radical future where communities unite through ritual and performance to nurture collective care, liberation and sacred connection.


Lincoln Center

Target Margin Theater

Queens Museum

Hemispheric Institute

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